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Hot News: November 7, 2016

By Hot News: November 7, 2016

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Marrakech – The “COP of Action” Begins…: COP22 starts in Marrakech today, with UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa calling for “a COP of action” to deliver concrete results. This meeting will be very different from last year’s Paris negotiations, as the delegates in Marrakech focus on implementing the Paris Agreement, which entered into force on Friday. The negotiators, riding a wave of international climate momentum, will now be diving into the details. (News: Wall Street Journal $, Thomson Reuters FoundationPacific StandardReutersGuardianPolitico Pro $, Climate HomeGristNBC NewsNew TimesClean TechnicaThe WireXinhuaNetDevexAl JazeeraBusiness StandardMongabayChristian Science MonitorKhmer TimesBusinessGreen $, Scientific AmericanDeutsche WelleCommentary: Montreal Gazette, Damon Matthews & Peter Stoett op-edIndependent, Nicholas Stern op-edAl Jazeera, Naser Haghamed op-edPhilippine Star, Marichu A. Villanueva op-edGreenBiz, Helle Bank Jorgensen op-edHuffington Post, Jennifer L Morgan op-edJakarta Post editorialThomson Reuters Foundation, Airah Cadiogan op-edThe Conversation, Steffen Böhm op-edGuardian, Celeste Hicks column)

…As US Election Looms Large: All eyes are on Tuesday’s US election and the influence the outcome could have on the discussions in Marrakech. The presidential candidates have proposed drastically different policies on climate and energy, with Trump threatening to cut climate programs if he becomes president while Clinton supports the Paris Agreement and has a plan to boost domestic climate and energy policies. (News: APReutersBloombergForbesIowa Public RadioAlaska Public RadioBBC NewsAFPGlobe and MailFortuneCommentary: Guardian, Dana Nuccitelli columnAsbury Park Press, Jesse Grossman op-edNew York Magazine, Jonathan Chait columnLA Times, Matthew Fleischer column $; Mashable, Andrew Freedman columnPBS Newshour, David Biello op-edHuffington Post, Jeremy Symons op-edHuffington Post, Andrew Winston op-edThe Tennessean, Ryan Egly op-edInquirer, David J. Murphy op-ediNews, Tom Bawden op-ed)

EPA Submits Final CPP Model Trading Rule: The EPA submitted finalized model carbon-trading rules for the Clean Power Plan to the White House Office of Management and Budget for review. The rules are intended to give states two optional templates from which to develop compliance plans. The EPA said in a statement that developing these tools does not flout the Supreme Court’s temporary stay on the Clean Power Plan and that they have been requested by several states for their planning. (Politico Pro $, The HillE&E News $)

US News
  • House science chairman gets heat in Texas race for being a global warming skeptic (Washington Post $)
  • Republican Kelly Ayotte lost millions of dollars by defying Koch brothers on climate change (The Intercept)
  • Here are the races to watch if you care about global warming (Mother Jones)
  • Florida measure calls itself pro-solar but critics say it’s ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’ (GuardianThinkProgressMiami Herald)
  • Koch Industries, Van Jones united in carbon tax battle (Greenwire $)
  • Oil prices rise ahead of U.S. election (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Election may decimate ‘Noah’s Ark’ caucus (E&E News $)
  • How North Carolina law could make it harder to recycle coal ash (Southeast Energy News)
  • Green movement’s left flank aims to keep Clinton picks in line (Politico Pro $)
  • Clinton advisers crafted solar plan aimed at soothing utility execs, hacked memo shows (Politico Pro $)
  • Vestas shareholders told to brace for U.S. election price shocks (Bloomberg)
  • Green groups spend over $100M; LCV hits record level (Greenwire $)
  • Solar showdown among energy reforms on state ballots (USA Today)
  • Power couple: Tie-up shows how batteries and solar may link (New York Times $)
  • Exxon’s oil sands reserves announcement may mean little for the climate (InsideClimate News)
  • Dear future president: 3 Youth activists on climate change (Teen Vogue)
  • This congressman wants you to bike to the ballot box (The Hill)
  • Clinton forwarded daughter email chain most likely about climate talks (New York Times $)
  • Climate change champion Kerry to visit Antarctica next week  (AP)
  • California politician likes climate change because ‘our enemies’ live in hot places (Guardian)
  • Tesla Motors’ SolarCity deal gets a boost from ISS blessing (ReutersNew York Times $)
  • Deadly pipeline blast gets safety board investigation (Think Progress)
  • Volkswagen scandal takes new twist with Audi cheating-software claim (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Volkswagen emissions scandal inquiry widens to top levels (New York Times $)
  • Katharine Hayhoe, climate evangelist, takes to the web to convert nonbelievers (Guardian)
  • A desert oasis dries up (Curbed)
  • The Gullah people have survived on the Carolina sea islands for centuries. Now development is taking a toll (LA Times $)
  • Climate change is a ‘matter of life and death’ for the Marshall Islands (Honolulu Civil Beat)
  • Regulators overhaul oil, gas drilling rules for national parks (The Hill)
  • Drought impacting one in three Americans this fall (USA Today)
  • Photos show overflowing factory farm waste in NC after Hurricane Matthew (InsideClimate News)
  • Wal-Mart sets environmental plan as people seek green items (AP)
  • Some Iowa landowners complain about oil pipeline work (AP)
  • Student climate change activists deserve support and action for carbon pricing campaign (Huffington Post, David Oxtoby op-ed)

World News

  • Vast Moroccan solar power plant is hard act for Africa to follow (Reuters)
  • Rich states urged to dig deeper to help poor respond to ‘climate crisis’ (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
  • Morocco is a perfect place for the world’s biggest climate change conference (Quartz)
  • A COP22 guide to the mysterious world of shipping (Pacific Standard)
  • Climate change negotiations in search of a host (Financial Times $)
  • Aviation industry flies ahead of shipping on carbon regulations (Pacific Standard)
  • International Solar Alliance may become treaty at climate summit (India Climate Dialogue)’
  • Duterte changes mind, to sign climate change pact (ABS-CBN News)
  • May and Modi promise to deepen clean tech and green bonds co-operation (BusinessGreen $)
  • Climate change is turning into a race between politics and physics (Washington Post $)
  • Nicholas Stern: cost of global warming ‘is worse than I feared’  (The Observer)
  • Depths of imagination (The Economist $)
  • Oil majors’ climate plan gets hostile reception (Climate Home)
  • Delhi closes over 1,800 schools in response to dangerous smog (New York Times$, Washington Post $, TIME)
  • Oil industry’s new threat? The global growth of electric cars (New York Times $)
  • Business leaders support steps to rescue climate (New York Times $)
  • China announces plan to curb carbon emissions (AP, Xinhua, Carbon Pulse $, Reuters)
  • Iran working on laws to spur renewable energy investments (Bloomberg)
  • The hydropower paradox: is this energy as clean as it seems? (Guardian)
  • Chinese-backed coal plant jeopardises Kenya climate target (Climate Home)
  • Hedge funds are turning into OPEC skeptics (Bloomberg)
  • For renewable energy, Brexit spurs mixed prospects (New York Times $)
  • Vietnam, Ireland agree to cooperation on education, energy (APReuters)
  • Quentin Bryce in high-powered group calling for coal power to be phased out (Guardian)
  • From space, an unblinking eye tracks our environmental excess (Nikkei Asian Review)
  • A power of good? Smart energy technology explained (Guardian)
  • The Arctic, as you’ve never seen it: beautiful and in distress (Discover Magazine)
  • Canada oil spill program hit by cheap crude, lacks applicants (Reuters)
  • Giant snowballs in Siberia might be connected to a frosty U.S. winter (Mashable)
  • The technology that may finally make ‘clean’ cookstoves a reality (Mashable)
  • Something is really wrong with the climate if these penguins are under threat of being wiped out (AlertNet)
  • Vancouver considers abandoning parts of the coast because of climate change (Motherboard)
  • China’s largest freshwater lake turns into prairie (China Daily)
  • Stratosphere shrinks as record breaking temperatures continue because of climate change (Sydney Morning Herald $)

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