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Hot News: January 9, 2017

By Climate Nexus

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Big Storms Wallop California: An atmospheric river storm pummeled Northern California and Nevada over the weekend, causing widespread destruction and evacuations for hundreds of households along the Truckee and Russian rivers. Climate change is helping to fuel the storm, which is consistent with observed trends and projections indicating that extreme precipitation in California, as well as globally, increases generally in a warming climate. Sunday’s storm is the first in a series of atmospheric river storms expected to hit the region throughout this week. For more on the climate link with this week’s storms and related impacts, visit our Climate Signals backgrounder. (ReutersAPWashington Post $, LA Times $, NBC LAMashable. Commentary: LA Times editorial $)

Atlantic Coast Saved from Seismic: The Obama administration announced Friday it has denied all applications from fossil fuel companies seeking to conduct seismic testing for oil and gas reserves off the Atlantic coast, effectively shutting down industry hopes for drilling in the area. The announcement, which comes a scant two weeks after the administration closed off oil and gas leases in the Arctic and northern Atlantic, cites a “diminished need” for surveying the area as well as a concern for seismic surveying’s impact on marine life. (Washington Post $, APGreenwire $)

Antarctica Going Through a Breakup: An enormous chunk of ice the size of Delaware is poised to break of off one of the Antarctic’s largest ice shelves soon, following a sudden growth in the rift over the past month. Scientists reported Thursday that the 5,000 sq km iceberg remains attached to the Larsen ice shelf by a mere 20 sq km, and that its breakoff will “fundamentally change” the makeup of the Antarctic. The coming breakoff, which would be one of the 10 largest ever recorded, could accelerate the further breakup of the ice shelf and allow Antarctica’s glaciers to flow into the ocean, raising sea levels over the long term by as much as four inches. (APWashington Post $, ReutersUSA TodayNPRClimate CentralMashableChristian Science MonitorClimate Home)

“As Donald Trump Denies Climate Change, These Kids Die of It”: New York Times columnist Nick Kristof dedicated his Sunday column and an accompanying web video to highlight the ongoing drought in southern Africa and the devastating hunger crisis it is causing there. The drought, which new research published last month further links to climate change, has impacted seven countries in the region, resulting in acute malnutrition for 1.3 million children. For more on how the drought ties in to climate change, visit our Climate Signals backgrounder. (New York Times, Nick Kristof column $)

US News
  • Trump may not like alternative energy, but investors should (New York Times $)
  • EPA head’s top regret: failing to connect with rural America (Reuters)
  • Energy Dept. report highlights new threats to electric grid (Washington Post$, PoliticoThe Hill)
  • Energy executives, secretive nonprofit raise money to back Pruitt (PoliticoPolitico PRO $, ClimateWire $)
  • Obama’s legacy: Assessing the impact of climate policies on the American west (High Country News)
  • Week ahead: Former Exxon chief to face questions on Russia, climate (The Hill)
  • The Atlantic Ocean and an actual debate in climate science (The Atlantic)
  • Enviros mobilize to fight Trump picks, hold ‘Day of Denial’ (ClimateWire $)
  • Energy-sector CO2 to stagnate without Clean Power Plan — EIA (ClimateWire $)
  • Trump wants ‘energy independence.’ We may already be on the verge of having it (Washington Post $)
  • What Trump can accomplish on day one (The Hill)
  • Study documents tree species’ decline due to climate warming (AP)
  • Indian Point nuclear power plant to close by 2021 (New York TImes $, WSJ $, Forbes)
  • Tennessee Attorney General steps up in Tennessee Valley Authority coal ash case (ThinkProgress)
  • Is this the year the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will be targeted for oil drilling? (LA Times $)
  • Cuomo wants 500 new electric vehicle chargers at workplaces (Politico NY)
  • At Blackwater refuge, rising sea levels drown habitat (AP)
  • U.S. solar lobbying group names ‘bridge builder’ as new leader (Reuters)
  • Conway’s Alberta oil sands trip canceled (The Hill)
  • Donald Trump’s climate change adviser to headline Brussels event (Politico EU)
  • Ralph Lauren joins fight to ensure fabrics not damaging forests and lives (Reuters)
  • Bat-friendly tequila, research play role in species recovery (AP)
  • Cantwell: Speaker Ryan needs to ‘wake up’ on energy cyber security (Politico Pro $)

World News

  • Where sustainable travel Is headed in 2017 (New York Times $)
  • South Asia’s women suffer as climate migration rises (Climate Home)
  • 2017: Climate focus shifts as Trump moves in, China charges ahead (Reuters)
  • Can solar power beat out coal in a decade? (Bloomberg TV)
  • Choked by smog, Beijing creates new environmental police (AP)
  • Thawing Arctic is turning oceans into graveyards (The Guardian)
  • How warming seas are forcing fish to seek new waters (The Guardian)
  • London breaches annual air pollution limit for 2017 in just five days (The Guardian)
  • Climate change could shrink Australia’s ski season by 80 days a year by 2050 (ABC AU)

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