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Hot News: January 11, 2016

By Climate Nexus

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It’s Tillerson Time: Buckle your seatbelts: confirmation hearings for Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson begin today in DC at 9 am EST sharp (livestream here). Tillerson’s dealings with Russia as the oil giant’s leader are sure to hog the spotlight. However, prominent Senate Dems are expected to also seriously press the CEO on climate change and what Exxon knew about emissions, as well as some of the company’s problematic oil deals under his leadership. Green groups have been stepping up action to protest Tillerson’s nomination in DC and nationwide, expressing skepticism over the nominee’s stated belief in climate change and pushing for a thorough airing of Exxon’s dirty laundry. (Hearings: Washington Post $, PoliticoAPReutersBloombergE&E $, ClimateWire $. Greens: Politico Pro$, Greenwire $. Commentary: New York Times, Robert B. Semple Jr. op-ed $, Vox, Zack Beauchamp columnThinkProgress, Natasha Geiling analysisThe Hill, Paul Bledsoe op-edWSJ, Holman Jenkins Jr column $.)

Corporate Leaders: Fighting Climate Change is Good Business: More than 600 businesses and investors penned an open letter to President-Elect Trump and other world leaders urging them to curb global warming and encourage renewable energy development. The letter expresses support for policies like the Clean Power Plan and the Paris Agreement and highlights the economic benefits of the clean energy revolution. The letter’s signers include eBay, Gap, General Mills, Hewlett Packard, IKEA, Intel, Lyft, NIKE, and Campbell’s. (GuardianPolitico Pro $, InsideClimate NewsClimate HomeMashable)

The Future Might Bee Grim: A species of bumblebee once common throughout the eastern US is at risk of extinction, according to the Fish and Wildlife Service. FWS will list the rusty-patched bumblebee as endangered today, the first listing under the Endangered Species Act for any North American bee species. The bee’s population has rapidly fallen by 90 percent since the late 1990s, with climate change partially to blame for its alarming decline. (New York Times $, APReutersThe HillUSATodayGreenwire$)

US News
  • Can West Virginia’s new governor save coal country? (Bloomberg)
  • McConnell outlines environmental wish-list for Trump action (AP)
  • Kerry assails ‘factless’ environment, defends Obama legacy (AP)
  • National Grid invests $100m in US solar venture (Financial Times $)
  • Can N.Y. replace Indian Point without gas? (E&E News $)
  • White House urges research on geoengineering to combat global warming (New York Times $)
  • Volkswagen board expected to meet to approve U.S. diesel settlement (ReutersBloomberg)
  • Climate change is a ‘plausible’ theory, Sessions says (LA Times $)
  • GOP slows Trump cabinet confirmation pace (The Hill)
  • Colorado’s governor won’t issue clean-air executive order (AP)
  • Alaskan village, citing climate change, seeks disaster relief in order to relocate (NPR)
  • Binge-watching is going to make your carbon footprint soar (Mashable)
  • Cities unite to seek ‘record breaking’ electric fleet (ClimateWire $)
  • Large corporations are driving America’s renewable energy boom, and they’re just getting started (Greentech Media)
  • A California bill would require solar panels on all new buildings (Pacific Standard)
  • Marco Rubio supports Trump’s climate-change-denying EPA pick (Miami New Times)
  • Trump’s trade policy is ‘economic equivalent’ to denying climate change, Larry Summers says (CNBC)
  • Intelligence panel warns of climate threats (Greenwire $)
  • Trump a ‘big fan of solar’ — RFK Jr. (E&E $)
  • Interior nixes final Blackfeet-area leases (E&E $)
  • Amazon to surpass 1 GW of clean energy capacity. Is it enough? (ClimateWire $)

World News

  • Dutch trains become 100% wind-powered (AFP)
  • With water short, Zimbabwe’s farmers turn to capturing rain (Reuters)
  • World’s biggest carbon capture project on schedule (FT $)
  • Warming oceans could boost dangerous toxins in your shellfish dinner (NPR)
  • National Grid invests $100m in US solar venture (FT $)
  • ‘Clean coal’ project is a personal endeavour not linked to lobby groups, founder says (Guardian)
  • Antarctica is set to lose an enormous piece of ice. The question is what happens next (Washington Post $)
  • At Sundance, the theme is climate change (New York Times $)
  • Carnegie Clean Energy sees rapid growth after embracing solar power (Reuters)
  • Canada knows climate change will hit us where it hurts — pizza and man caves (Grist)
  • Switzerland just had the worst month for skiing in 100 years (Bloomberg)
  • Why is the UK selling its flagship climate bank? (Climate Home)
  • Church of England to launch climate investment tracker (Climate Home)
  • Philippines to ratify UN climate deal ‘by July’ (Climate Home)
  • Warmer oceans could boost the toxins in your shellfish dinner (NPR)
  • Bird species vanish from UK due to climate change and habitat loss (The Guardian)
  • UK Climate Change Minister says Donald Trump poses ‘very big challenge’ to the world (Independent)
  • The Ukrainian power grid was hacked again (Motherboard)
  • Dutch trains become 100% powered by wind energy (The Guardian)
  • U.N. Climate Fund could take a big hit if Trump keeps election promise (Scientific American)
  • Green bond issuance growth to slow after bumper 2016 – HSBC (Reuters)
  • In Canada, a move to protect data from Trump (High County News)

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