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Hot News: December 7, 2016

By Climate Nexus

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Oil & Gas In Trump Tower & DC: One day after a “productive” conversation with Al Gore, Trump took a meeting with Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson, a possible nominee for Secretary of State. Tillerson could bring some heavy baggage into the State Department, including possible ties to Putin and an extensive history of Exxon lobbying State on issues like Keystone XL. It should be noted, however, that Tillerson believes in climate change, unlike many of Trump’s other cabinet appointees and nominees. In other oil money news, a slew of new EPA transition team members were announced Tuesday, many with strong ties to Koch funding. Check out today’s Denier Roundup for more. (Tillerson: CNN MoneyUSA TodayE&EHouston ChronicleWSJ $, Transition: E&E $ Commentary: Washington Post, Chris Mooney and Chelsea Harvey analysis $)

Weather Channel Unleashes Tsunami of Truth: In a bluntly titled blog post (“Note to Breitbart: Earth Is Not Cooling, Climate Change Is Real and Please Stop Using Our Video to Mislead Americans”), the Weather Channel took Breitbart to task for using a video in an article about “global cooling.”  The post lays out the misleading science behind the Breitbart piece and tells the outlet to “please call” the Weather Channel the next time they need a fact check on a climate-related piece. The Breitbart article was tweeted out from the official US House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology account last week, leading to furious backlash from the scientific community. (CBSPoliticoUSA TodayThe HillMicGizmodoMashableBusiness InsiderYahooWashington ExaminerAJC)

Googling Now Powered By Renewables: Google announced Tuesday that it is on track to reach 100% renewable energy use for its global operations by 2017, including data centers and offices. The tech giant consumed about 5.7 terawatts of electricity in 2015 – roughly the same amount as the city of San Francisco – and will reach its renewable goals through power purchase agreements. In the blog post explaining its achievement, Google points out that the declining cost of wind and solar shows “renewables are increasingly becoming the lowest cost option” for the company. (AP, Guardian, Washington Post $, New York Times $, BloombergFinancial Times $, MashableGreentech MediaTIMECommentary: New York Times, Quentin Hardy analysis $)

Paulson, Bloomberg, Steyer: Clean Energy Economy Worth the Investment: A new report by the financial heavyweights finds reducing the risk posed by climate change is both economically and technically achievable, and would create significant new opportunities for American business. The report, written by the bipartisan Risky Business Project, finds that an average of $320 billion per year in private sector investment is needed through 2050 to build a clean energy economy and achieve the emissions reductions necessary to avoid the worst economic impacts of climate change. This would create over one million new jobs by 2030. (E&E $, Climate HomeBusiness Green)

Arctic Sea Ice Hits “Crazy” New Low: Arctic sea ice hit its seventh straight record monthly low for 2016 in November, a month when sea ice is usually growing as the area enters winter. The National Snow and Ice Data Center reports that Arctic sea ice extended 753,000 sq miles below the long-term average in November, while ice in the Barents Sea shrank 19,300 sq miles – an area larger than the country of Denmark. In a surprise to many scientists, Antarctic sea ice cover also hit worrisome record lows. “There’s crazy stuff going on up there. It’s bad,” marine scientist Jennifer Francis told the AP. (Washington Post $, CBSGuardianAPClimate CentralUPIMashableEsquireEcoWatch)

US News
  • Standing Rock won’t be the last time people stand in the way of fossil fuel (ThinkProgress)
  • Dakota Access company takes its battle to finish oil pipeline to court (The Guardian)
  • How a movement was born at Standing Rock (Mother Jones)
  • Spread by trade and climate, bugs butcher America’s forests (AP)
  • The teen-agers suing over climate change (The New Yorker)
  • New York AG asks court to toss Exxon climate case in Texas (Politico Pro $)
  • California gas power plant La Paloma files for bankruptcy (Reuters)
  • Clean tech’s future under Trump administration (Bloomberg TV)
  • Democrats: McConnell Fix for Miners’ Health Care Inadequate (AP)
  • Why this senator has given 150 speeches on climate change (Huffington Post)
  • House panel quizzes EPA on VW zero emission vehicle fund (Reuters)
  • Yup, Trump met with Al Gore. But his transition tells a very different story (Washington Post $)
  • McConnell: Spending bill will include miners’ pension fix (The Hill)
  • Energy tax extenders left out of CR (Politico Pro $)
  • Fuel cell workers plead for their jobs in open letter to Trump (Bloomberg)
  • Scientists tell Trump to pay attention to climate change (The Hill)
  • Hydro-Quebec eyes more green power sales in U.S. Northeast (Bloomberg)
  • A climate denier is leading the NASA transition (Climate Central)
  • Gov. Jerry Brown says Trump risks international backlash if he doesn’t address climate change (LA Times $)
  • Civic group finds insufficient preparation for rising sea levels (Politico NY)
  • The first offshore wind farm in the U.S. is about to go online, despite a malfunctioning turbine (Grist)
  • RFK, Jr: ‘Standing Rock defines a new era in environmental advocacy’ (EcoWatch)
  • Under new governor, what’s next for energy in North Carolina? (Southeast Energy News)
  • Mapping the inundation of New York City (CityLab)
  • Inside construction of the world’s largest battery energy storage facility (Utility Dive)
  • Groups collect nearly 10,000 names supporting use of $1 billion for coal regions (Lexington Herald Leader)
  • Auto group tries to block EPA from finalizing vehicle rules (Reuters)
  • House proposal kicks off flood insurance debate (Politico Pro $)

World News

  • Indonesia takes new step to combat loss of forests, fires (APReutersWashington Post $, Grist)
  • Despite climate change exodus, some Marshall Islanders head back home (The Guardian)
  • Climate change threatens ability of insurers to manage risk (The Guardian)
  • Use of electric vehicles is exploding: investor (Bloomberg TV)
  • Scientists around the world are worried about a Trump team proposal to ax NASA’s 58-year mission to study the Earth (Business Insider)
  • Millions of West Africans to benefit from ban on toxic fuel imports: U.N. (Reuters)
  • Emissions trading backflip a recipe for price rises, say business groups (The Guardian)
  • Australia’s energy transmission industry calls for carbon trading (Guardian)
  • ‘Rogue’ power firm threatens fastest renewable expansion (Bloomberg)
  • Seeds, tools given to Haitian farmers reeling from Hurricane Matthew: U.N. (Reuters)
  • Mixed fortunes for nuclear power (New York Times $)
  • German court upholds nuclear exit but orders compensation for power companies (New York Times $, Wall Street Journal $, FT $))
  • A U.S. weather tradition takes the British Isles by storm (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Oil firm Statoil makes first investment in solar tech (Reuters)
  • ‘Rogue’ power firm threatens fastest renewable expansion (Bloomberg)
  • Court blocks Polish coal plant, in victory for campaigners (Climate Home)
  • Ice age vertebrates had mixed responses to climate change (
  • 500-year-old clam reveals ‘hugely worrying’ evidence of climate change and its effects (The Independent)
  • Scientists study deadly Tibet avalanche, prevent second disaster (Sixth Tone)
  • Japan’s CO2 emissions drop 3 pct to 5-year low in FY2015 (Reuters)
  • How 11 cities are leading the climate change fight (Curbed)
  • Oil firm Statoil makes first investment in solar tech (Reuters)
  • Drax strikes deals as part of move away from coal (Financial Times $)

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