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Hot News: December 6, 2016

By Climate Nexus

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Trump, Digging in on DAPL, May Privatize Tribal Lands: A day after the Obama administration legally blocked the completion of the Dakota Access pipeline, two Trump advisors on Native American issues told Reuters that they would look for ways to put tribal lands into private ownership to encourage fossil fuel development. Native lands sit on an estimated 20 percent of the nation’s oil and gas reserves. Privatization of tribal lands, a hotly contested issue among Native leaders, would fit with Trump’s possible larger plan to reduce regulations on large areas of land nationwide. In a transition call with reporters Monday morning, the Trump camp confirmed their continued support for construction of the DAPL and that they intended to “review the full situation” after the inauguration. (DAPL: Reuters, Greenwire $, Wired. Privatization: Reuters, EcoWatchInternational Business Times. Commentary: Grist, Rebecca Leber column)

Two Trumps and a Gore: On Monday, former VP Al Gore made a surprise visit to Trump Tower to discuss climate change with Ivanka Trump, who is reportedly interested in the issue. Gore told reporters afterwards that he also met with Donald Trump and had a “productive” conversation. After the Gore meeting, Trump checked in with his energy adviser Rep. Kevin Cramer, a climate change denier and possible pick for energy secretary, and will meet with Rex Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon Mobil and rumored candidate for Secretary of State, on Tuesday. Gore wasn’t Ivanka’s only high-profile climate advocate visitor: Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly gave her a copy of his climate change documentary Before the Flood at a recent meeting. Gore: AP, Reuters,Washington Post $, New York Times $, NPRThe Hill, Politico, Bloomberg, Mashable,CNN, VICE E&E, Wall Street Journal $, New York Magazine. Tillerson: PoliticoBloomberg. Commentary: Vox, Brad Plumer column; Slate, Ben Mathis-Lilley analysis; Observer, Andrew Eil op-edThe Hill, Brent Budowsky columnThinkProgress, Natasha Geiling column)

Climate Change Intensifies Thunderstorms: A new study finds that parts of the US could see “huge increases” in extreme rainfall due to warming temperatures. The study shows that overall, the contiguous US will experience extreme storms three times more often, while storms in the Gulf Coast, Atlantic Coast and the Southwest could increase fivefold. These regions, which include areas in Louisiana and North Carolina devastated by flash flooding earlier this year, could also see more intense storms with up to 70 percent more rainfall. (APWashington Post $, TimeThe GuardianDenver PostClimate Central)

Exxon Won’t Attend AGU Party: Following an intense campaign from over 60,000 scientists and activists, the American Geophysical Union announced that ExxonMobil has pulled funding from its annual conference. The AGU conference, the largest Earth and space science meeting in the world, has included an Exxon-funded student breakfast since 2001. Exxon’s involvement came under fire following last year’s investigations into the energy company’s efforts to undermine climate science. (ClimateWire $, InsideClimate News)

US News
  • Bernie Sanders: TPP and Standing Rock victories show path to beating Trump (Washington Post $, The HillPolitico)
  • Trump’s Al Gore meeting likely to rankle his rich climate-denying donors (Daily Beast)
  • Oil industry urges Trump to approve Dakota Access pipeline (AP)
  • Dakota Access companies vow to stick to planned pipeline route (FT $)
  • How far will Trump go to gut U.S. climate policies? (Climatewire $)
  •  Negotiators close in on pared-down energy bill (Politico Pro $)
  • How important will Trump’s energy secretary pick be for the energy industry? (Seeking Alpha)
  • Will Trump opt for an insider or a fresh face? (Greenwire $)
  • Bipartisan coal ash provision included in final WRDA (Politico Pro $)
  • The one clean technology Republicans may love (Energywire $)
  • Ban fracking in Maryland? Extending moratorium seems more likely (Washington Post $)
  • Utah counties sue over halt to new coal leases on fed land (AP)
  • Climate change and the ‘fake news’ problem (Climatewire $)
  • Smithfield sets plan to cut carbon emissions by a quarter (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Auto group tries to block EPA from finalizing vehicle rules (Reuters)
  • Conservation groups join legal fray over new methane waste limits (Public News Service)
  • LA committed to delivering ‘Greenest Games’ in Olympics history (My News LA)
  • Move from fossil fuels ‘irrevocably underway’ — report (E&E News $)
  • How the Obama administration’s final trade deal fell apart (Politico Pro $)
  • Senator blasts GOP push for California drought language in water bill (The Hill)
  • Council to consider climate change in new land use rules (Santa Monica Daily Press)
  • GE Power sees little sales impact if U.S. quits climate deals (Reuters)
  • GOP drumbeat to halt all last-minute rules grows louder (Greenwire $)
  • Extension of cap and trade recommended to hit 2030 GHG goal (ClimateWire $)
  • Thanks to climate change, killer whales may become the North’s top predator (VICE)
  • Kemper CCS plant costs tick up with latest delay (EnergyWire $)
  • LinkedIn opens building company says is ‘net zero energy’ (Newsfactor)
  • History shows that distributed energy is not the best way to solve energy poverty, argues new report (Greentech Media)

World News

  • Trudeau’s pipeline approvals complicate math of cutting Canada’s GHG emissions (Canadian Press)
  • Japan is obsessed with climate change. Young people don’t get it. (New York Times $)
  • Indonesia takes new step to combat loss of forests, fires (AP)
  • Polar sea ice the size of India vanishes in record heat (Reuters)
  • Oil and gas industry leaders eagerly take stakes in Mexican offshore fields (New York Times $)
  • Women solar entrepreneurs drive East African business surge (Reuters)
  • German government must compensate utilities for nuclear law, court rules (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Lentils, chickpeas can help reverse dangerous trend of soil erosion – U.N. (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
  • Address climate change, but help Indigenous workers: Chartier (CBC)
  • Japan’s CO2 emissions drop 3 pct to 5-year low in FY2015 (Reuters)
  • India’s GDP emissions reduced by 12 per cent (PTI)
  • UN appeals for record $22.2 billion in global humanitarian aid (Deutsche Welle)
  • See the simple way these farmers are outsmarting climate change (TakePart)
  • A governance alternative to faltering nation-states (CityLab)
  • Adani secures milestone in planned $16 billion Australian coal project (Reuters)
  • Cattle ranchers face heat as efforts to protect forests falter (Climate Home)
  • Fire bombs: a city in the path of climate disaster (Climate Home)
  • The world’s biggest forest destroyers don’t even know which forests they’re destroying (Quartz)
  • Experimental city: How Rotterdam became a world leader in sustainable urban design (Fast CoExist)
  • The cofounder of Skype is backing a company building mini electric planes that take off vertically (Business Insider)
  • Business not yet doing enough to stop commodities destroying forests (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

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