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Hot News: December 16, 2016

By Climate Nexus

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A Trump Guide To Unraveling Climate Action: Red state officials penned an open letter to Trump Thursday urging him to begin dismantling the Clean Power Plan on “day one” of his presidency. The letter, signed by officials from 24 mostly Trump-leaning states, lays out a legal plan of action for the incoming administration on how to undo Obama’s signature climate rule. Trump may not need to follow their advice to do serious damage to his predecessor’s climate legacy, however: both the DOE questionnaire sent last week and a leaked transition team memo indicate that a Trump administration will target the policy application of and math behind the social cost of carbon, which forms the basis for the CPP as well as a broad range of other policies. Other Obama administration climate actions, like an international agreement limiting hydrofluorocarbon use and a moratorium on Arctic drilling, could also come under attack. (CPP letter: APReutersThe Hill. SCC: Bloomberg. Obama legacy: APPolitico PRO $, BloombergFox. Commentary: New York Times, Michael Greenstone and Cass Sunstein op-ed $, USA Today, Ledyard King analysis)

Last Year’s Weird Weather Fueled By Climate Change: Global warming exacerbated two dozen extreme weather events in 2015, finds a report on extreme events and climate published by the American Meteorological Society Thursday. The findings, which examined 30 weather events total, linked man-made climate change to incidents like “sunny day” flooding in Florida, Alaskan wildfires, heavy rains in China, and drought in Ethiopia. Notably, the report includes the first direct scientific link between human-caused climate change and the record high intensity of west North Pacific typhoons. (Washington Post $, APUSA Today)

Michigan’s Successful Energy Compromise: Lawmakers in Michigan sent a revamped version of the state’s energy package to the governor’s desk Thursday evening, representing a significant bipartisan compromise in a protracted negotiation process. The bills, negotiated in the last hours of the lame duck session personally by Gov. Snyder, focus on the state’s transition off of coal-fired power plants, as well as increasing mandates for renewables production and maintaining the state’s energy choice program. This legislation follows on the heels of a similar bipartisan state energy compromise in Illinois last week. (Energywire $, Michigan RadioThe Detroit NewsDetroit Free PressWSJM,

California’s Computers to Conserve Energy: The California State Energy Commission announced the nation’s first regulatory standards for computers, laptops, and monitors on Wednesday. The regulations are expected to conserve as much electricity as the city of San Francisco uses annually and cut over 700,000 tons of carbon pollution per year. Regulators expect that the standards could have national implications as manufacturers adjust computer models to fit the large California market. (New York Times $, LA Times $, ReutersThe Verge, Greenwire $, TechwireArs Technica)

US News
  • Advanced black lung cases surge in Appalachia (NPR)
  • Albuquerque’s solar power grab (Politico)
  • How carbon emissions explain Trump’s win (The Atlantic)
  • U.S. wind power enjoys a rebirth as solar’s obstacles mount (Reuters)
  • How the private sector can fight climate change, with or without Trump (CNN MoneyGreentech Media)
  • Large regions of U.S. damaged by drought in 2016 (WSJ $)
  • Trump hates renewable energy—unless it’s powering one of his hot new hotels (Mother Jones)
  • Climate scientists adjust as Trump builds team of oil allies (Reuters)
  • Q&A: Secretary of state nominee’s environmental track record (AP)
  • Exxon shifted on climate change under Trump pick (The Hill)
  • Texas federal court puts brakes on ExxonMobil suit into state AGs (Politico PRO$)
  • Trump taps Montana Congressman Zinke to lead Interior Dept (The HillReuters)
  • Climate change denial in the Trump cabinet: where do his nominees stand? (The Guardian)
  • U.S. Energy Department unfairly criticized over spending, forecasts: Kemp (Reuters)
  • ‘An epic mistake’: environmental groups fume over Rex Tillerson nomination (The Guardian)
  • Seattle might break ties with Wells Fargo over bank’s Standing Rock investments (ThinkProgress)
  • Will Rick Perry’s pro-wind power stance carry on in the Trump administration? (The Guardian)
  • Nicholas Stern: Donald Trump may not be as bad for the environment as feared (The Guardian)
  • Gov. Jerry Brown vows to fight Donald Trump on climate change: ‘California will launch its own damn satellite’ (TimeMashable)
  • Nations be damned, the world’s cities can take a big bite out of emissions (Wired)
  • Settlement approved for coal mines owned by governor-elect (AP)
  • Tillerson’s foreign prowess said aided by Exxon intelligence arm (Bloomberg)
  • Pregnant women warned to avoid Brownsville, Tex., because of Zika (New York Times $)
  • The ski mogul going uphill to beat climate change (Bloomberg)
  • US will be a ‘rogue state’ if Trump backtracks on climate: UN envoy (Climate Home)
  • Will Elon Musk be the champion cleantech needs at the White House? (Greentech Media)
  • State regulators approve proposal for 7,500 new vehicle charging stations (LA Times $)

World News

  • Heat, hunger and war force Africans onto a ‘road on fire’ (New York Times $)
  • Humans have now carved up the Earth’s wilderness into 600,000 little pieces (Washington Post $)
  • Feeling a chill? Blame the polar vortex. And global warming (New York Times $)
  • Other nations will move forward on climate change ‘irrespective’ of US (CNBC)
  • Pre-cooked beans could turn down heat on Africa’s dwindling forests (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
  • Costa Rica modernized without wrecking the environment. Here’s how (Grist)
  • Centrica has donated to US climate change-denying thinktank (The Guardian)
  • Green Climate Fund misses 2016 target as US donation in doubt (Climate Home)
  • Paradise lost: the crisis on the Great Barrier Reef (FT $)
  • As rains fail, maneuvering for water grows in southern Sri Lanka (Reuters)
  • Mark Carney, the unlikely climate champion (Climate Home)
  • Dubai’s teen eco-warrior: ‘It was preordained that I’d take care of mother earth’ (The Guardian)
  • What the humble turnip can teach us about economic growth (Grist)
  • Peruvian climate lawsuit against German coal giant dismissed (Climate Home)
  • How food, forests, and people are connected, in 10 charts (Grist)

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