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Hot News: August 23

By Climate Nexus

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Zika Risk Growing in Gulf States: Zika could extend its reach from Miami to Gulf States such as Texas and Louisiana, National Institute of Health official Anthony Fauci said in aninterview Monday. This warning comes just days after the CDC expanded on its first everdomestic travel warning by advising pregnant women not to travel to Miami Beach due to the spread of Zika. Fauci highlighted the increased risk of Zika in Louisiana because of recent flooding, as standing water provides an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos. In many Southern cities, mosquito season is getting longer thanks to climate change, which is a threat multiplier for Zika and other vector-borne diseases like malaria and dengue. (Washington Post $, ReutersTIMEThe HillNPRWall Street Journal $)

First US Offshore Wind Farm Buoys Industry: As the first offshore wind project completed in the country, the Block Island Wind Farm off the coast of Rhode Island is a major milestone for the US. Political support in many coastal states and falling costs have helped developers look past earlier letdowns and draw up plans for more, potentially bigger, projects. With five turbines that will power around 17,000 homes, the project’s small size nonetheless proves to many that offshore wind can be a part of America’s clean energy future. (New York Times $, Power Magazine)

Climate Inaction Could Cost Millennials Dearly: US millennials could collectively lose $8.8 trillion in potential lifetime earnings if climate change continues unabated, according to a new study by NextGen Climate and Demos. Without global action on climate change, a 21-year-old college graduate could lose up to $187,000 in wealth while a children born in 2015 would lose as much as $764,000. “This is the first time that losses have been applied at the individual level and to generations that will bear the brunt of our actions or inactions,” Heather McGee, president of Demos, said in a press call. (Mashable)

Climate Change Endangers Crisp Fall Air: Smog in the Southeastern US, which usually hits peak levels in the summer, could extend well into the fall as the season becomes increasingly hot and dry. According to a new study, as climate change drives more drought, more late-season smog days will follow. To cope with drought, trees naturally release isoprene, which becomes smog — a threat to public health and crops. (

US News
  • California firefighters stretched thin as blazes sweep state (AP)
  • Planned, forgotten: Unfinished projects could’ve spared thousands from Louisiana flood (AdvocateReuters)
  • West Virginia permanently halts coal mine by state forest (AP)
  • EPA: North Texas earthquakes likely linked to oil and gas drilling (Texas Tribune)
  • An exercise in threading the needle’: Lawmakers perform balancing act to move climate legislation forward (LA Times $)
  • Official rejects overdue Peabody tax payment that shorted Routt County more than $91,000 (Denver Post)
  • Rocky Mountain compromise: Inside Xcel’s landmark Colorado solar settlement (Utility Dive)
  • High-price ethanol credits add to refiners’ woes (New York Times $)
  • Washington commits $12.6M to grid modernization effort (Utility Dive)
  • Obama rule could take wind out of renewable power on public land (Bloomberg)
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car becomes paid Alec member despite green efforts (Guardian)
  • Groups demand Dems’ inclusion in House Science Exxon probe (E&E News $)
  • Pikachu power: Can it transform the energy industry? (Greenwire $)
  • Mr. Gore goes to Houston (E&E News $)
  • Climate activists want fossil-fuel lease auction canceled in La (Louisiana Weekly)
  • Dem in West Virginia governor race won’t support Clinton (The Hill)

World News

  • Airline emissions deal may start six years late as nations backtrack at ICAO (Carbon Pulse $)
  • Dark clouds loom for oil as China chases blue skies for G-20 (Bloomberg)
  • A widening 80 mile crack is threatening one of Antarctica’s biggest ice shelves (Washington Post $, Mashable)
  • Study: Countries that support nuclear energy lag on climate targets (BusinessGreen $)
  • How hot was it in July? Hotter than ever. (New York Times $)
  • VW facing uphill battle outside the U.S. in emissions claims (Wall Street Journal$)
  • NT government did secret coal deal a day before going into caretaker mode (Guardian)
  • Pakistan expands glacier monitoring in effort to cut disaster risk (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
  • Study measures methane release from Arctic permafrost (
  • Climate-smart beans offer hope to Uganda’s farmers (Climate Home)
  • Eat your food packaging, don’t bin it – scientists (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
  • Solar power brings northern Mali much needed light (Reuters)
  • Ice Flows climate change game puts the fate of Antarctic penguins in your hands (WIRED)
  • Inside Shanghai Tower: China’s tallest skyscraper claims to be world’s greenest (Guardian)

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