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A Handy Guide to Carbon Pricing Resources

By Put A Price On It

Many climate experts say the solution to climate change is putting a strong price on carbon. That’s because making something expensive is a good motivation to get people to do it less. Right now, it’s free to pump carbon and other forms of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. But if we put a price on dumping that pollution into the air, polluters would re-think their actions.

Top environmental groups, economists, business leaders, and some politicians agree that putting a price is a good idea. Below, you’ll find a list of resources to back up that claim. Read on to take a deep dive into the news coverage, academic research and policy analysis that supports putting a price on carbon.

If you’re looking for a quick explanation of the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW of putting a price on carbon, then head over to TheClimateSolution.com.

Benefits of Carbon Pricing

Carbon Pricing 101 (Union of Concerned Scientists)

Putting a Price on Carbon: Reducing Emissions (World Resources Institute, 2016)

Proof That a Price on Carbon Works (The New York Times, 2016)

Expert Consensus on the Economics of Climate Change (Institute for Policy Integrity, 2015)

How Much Carbon Pricing is in Countries’ Own Interests? The Critical Role of Co-Benefits (International Monetary Fund, 2014)

Global Carbon Pricing Trends

Carbon Pricing Watch 2017 (World Bank Group/ECOFYS, 2017)

2016-2017 Carbon Pricing Leadership Report (Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition/World Bank Group, 2017)

State and Trends of Carbon Pricing 2016 (World Bank Group, 2016)

Carbon Pricing Watch 2016 (World Bank Group/ECOFYS, 2016)

Recycling Carbon Revenues: Transforming Costs into Opportunities (Institute for Climate Economics, 2016)

State and Trends of Carbon Pricing 2015  (World Bank Group, 2015)

Lessons Learned from Linking Emissions Trading Systems (Partnership for Market Readiness, 2014)

Carbon Pricing Policy 

The FASTER Principles for Successful Carbon Pricing (World Bank, June 2015)

Aligning Policies for a Low-Carbon Economy (OECD/IEA/NEA/ITF, 2015)

Carbon Pricing Strategy for the United States

Public Willingness to Pay for a U.S. Carbon Tax (Environmental Research Letters, October 2017)

Opportunities for Carbon Taxes at the State Level (Carbon Tax Center, April 2017)

Weighing CarbonWA’s Tax Swap Ballot Initiative (Sightline Institute, 2016)

Putting a Price on Carbon: A Handbook for U.S. Policy Makers (World Resources Institute, 2015)

Options and Considerations for a Federal Carbon Tax (Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, 2013)

Carbon Pricing outside the U.S. 

Mexico’s 3 Big Steps Towards Comprehensive Carbon Pricing (World Resources Institute, 2017)

Frugal Cars or Frugal Drivers? How Carbon and Fuel Taxes Influence the Choice and Use of Cars (University of British Columbia, 2016)

British Columbia’s Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax: A Review of the Latest “Grand Experiment” in Environmental Policy (Nicholas Institute and University of Ottawa Institute of the Environment, 2015)

China Carbon Pricing Survey (China Carbon Forum, 2015) 

South Korea Launches Second Biggest Carbon Market in the World (The Climate Group, 2015)

The EU Emissions Trading System (Homepage)

The EU Emissions Trading System: Results and Lessons Learned (Environmental Defense Fund, 2012) 


Carbon Pricing and Businesses

Embedding a Carbon Price Into A Business Strategy (CDP, 2016)

What is an Internal Carbon Price, and Should My Business Implement One? (TriplePundit, 2015)

Corporate Action for Putting a Price on Carbon (World Bank, 2014)

Colleges and Carbon Pricing

Over Thirty Colleges and Universities Call on Higher Education Peers to Support Carbon Pricing as a Solution to Climate Change (Our Climate, 2017)

Why Swarthmore College Endorses a Carbon Price (Video)

Yale Carbon Charge Project

MIT Joins Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition

Groups Doing Carbon Pricing Research 

World Bank

Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition

World Resources Institute

Sightline Institute

The CDP (Formerly “Carbon Disclosure Project”)


Carbon Tax Center