A Conversation with Gina McCarthy - The Years Project

A Conversation with Gina McCarthy

By The YEARS Project

With Donald J. Trump’s full-on assault on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency now underway, we travelled to Harvard Kennedy School recently to interview former Administrator Gina McCarthy, who served until this January as President Obama’s EPA chief. Under her stewardship, the EPA did more to protect us from the threat of climate change than it had under any previous Administration, with policies like the Clean Power Plan and tougher vehicle emissions standards.

Below are the highlights of our interview.

How has the auto industry responded to environmental regulation?

What would you say to climate deniers in the White House?

Can we expect any progress on solving climate change from the EPA under Trump?

What does Scott Pruitt, McCarthy’s successor, need to understand about the EPA?

Why is the Clean Power Plan important to the fight against climate change?

How does U.S. climate policy impact the world? 

Can Democrats and Republicans come together on climate change?

President Donald J. Trump says he wants to “make America great again.” How can renewable energy do that?

Is putting a price on carbon a solution to climate change?

What can we do about climate change in our daily lives?