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Clarissa Olivares: Why I Support a Price on Carbon

By Put A Price On It

Clarissa Olivares, a senior at the University of Washington studying international development, tells us why she’s saying #YesOn732.


I’ve been working at Seattle Public Schools in disadvantaged communities for four years. They have composting programs but a lot of the student don’t necessarily compost at home. Unfortunately, environmentalism has been segregated by class. You go somewhere like Orange County and you’ll have more opportunities to recycle and ultimately, none of the little things that we as individuals do can offset what’s happening at the corporate level.

Look at a company like Nestle. Even in the California drought, with people taking shorter showers just to make sure that they’re saving water and reducing their carbon footprint, Nestle is still bottling at full capacity with plastic water bottles which are wasteful to begin with. In cities where there’s less rain like LA there’s a haze of pollution that’s causing higher rates of asthma per capita and making people ill.

It’s important to teach young children to be aware of their waste, but we have to do something at a high level to control corporations who are the greatest polluters by a large margin. Nothing matters if half the earth is uninhabitable. We have a responsibility to leave future generations an Earth we’ve tried to clean up as best we can. It wasn’t handed to us in very good shape, but we have a responsibility to do better.

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