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Cassidy Jones: Why I Support a Price on Carbon

By Put A Price On It

By Cassidy Jones, #PutAPriceOnIt Program Coordinator


My name is Cassidy, and this is why I fight for Climate Justice. 

After my junior year of college, I spent the summer as a Farm Camp Counselor at an organic farm outside of Portland, Oregon. Each week, a new set of 25 children came to the farm to learn about soil, fruits and vegetables, pollinators, and plant anatomy. The camp takes place on a 100-year-old homestead, complete with an ancient apple orchard and a white farmhouse.

This camp is special, as it sponsors community centers from low-income Portland neighborhoods. Some kids get to spend a lot of time in nature, whether it’s on a farm like the one on Sauvie Island, visiting the Mt. Hood National Forest, or in a park down the street from their house. But not all kids get that opportunity. I met children who said to me, “this is the only week I’ve spent outside the city all year.” Those children, who are part of groups that are disproportionately affected by climate change, are the reason I am fighting to #PutAPriceOnIt.

Part of my job was to help cultivate a sense of wonder in these kids. The opportunity to cultivate a sense of wonder in someone is, perhaps, one of the greatest joys I’ve had in my young life. Whether it’s the joyous sound of splashing while watering the garden, staining your fingers while picking juicy black berries, or being covered in a thin layer of dirt after harvesting beets–cultivating a sense of wonder, cultivating our earth, requires a safe, equitable world. We must put a fair price on carbon.

Check out to learn more about how you can hold polluters accountable, and cultivate a sense of wonder for generations to come.