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Alex Cahill: Why I Support a Price on Carbon

By Put A Price On It


By Alex Cahill, #PutAPriceOnIt Fellow


I had no idea that it takes around 1 gallon of water to grow a single almond. Sitting at the breakfast table with my yogurt and almond granola, I didn’t want to think of the gallons of water it took to produce my food or the thousands of miles my food traveled before it reached my mouth.

It is ironic that the carbon pollution from the transportation is contributing to climate change and extreme weather events, such as the very drought threatening almond farming. Humans need to learn to adapt to the limitations of the climate and of the earth, and acquire a less self-centered outlook. It is often easy to fall into the comfort of ignorance, but it is ultimately healthier for both the earth and humans to address the issue of climate change straight-on.

Our industries are emitting vast amounts of carbon which is unjustly affecting the food that we eat, the communities that we live in, and the environment around us — and they aren’t being held accountable. I’m advocating that we #PutAPriceOnIt.

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