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Hot News: September 30

By Climate Nexus

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Exxon Under Fire on Climate (Again): Exxon Mobil is facing a first-of-its-kind lawsuit for failing to account for the risks from climate change to its fuel storage terminal outside Boston. The Conservation Law Foundation claims that sea level rise and accompanying storm surges could damage the facility and lead to further pollution of the Mystic River. Exxon is already under investigation by the SEC and a group of state attorneys generals for allegedly misleading its shareholders and the public about climate change. (APThe HillBuzzfeedThink Progress,  MashableBoston Globe $, Boston HeraldHuffington Post)

America’s Super Polluters, Mapped: Just 100 facilities out of more than 20,000 nationwide emitted a third of all industrial toxic air pollution in 2014. A third of industrial greenhouse gas emissions came from just 100 sites as well, mostly coal-fired power plants, according to a nine-month investigation by the Center for Public Integrity. There were 22 sites that appear on both lists. As many as seven coal plants within 30 miles of Evansville, Indiana contribute emissions “on par with Hong Kong or Sweden” and are leading to major public health issues in the region. Indiana is suing against the Clean Power Plan, as are Ohio and Kentucky, which both house several of these “super polluters.” (News: WBOINews LeaderNews 2YDRDes Moines RegisterCommentaryUSA Today, Jamie Smith Hopkins analysis)

Nations Need to Up the Ante on Climate: The Earth could cross the 2°C warming threshold by 2050 unless governments enact more ambitious climate pledges, a new report warns. A group of seven scientists led by Robert Watson, former chairman of the IPCC, analyzed Paris climate pledges and found that there is still a significant gap in global ambition. The Paris Agreement could meet the key threshold required to enter into force as early as next week, with the EU signaling it could finalize ratification by October 7. (APReutersWashington Post $, LA Times $, IndependentVOA NewsBusinessGreen $)

US News
  • Exxon’s big bet on oil sands a heavy weight to carry (InsideClimate News)
  • Trump’s energy and environment team leans heavily on industry lobbyists (Washington Post $, Rolling Stone)
  • New report sheds light on fossil fuel industry’s effect on Latinx communities (Color LinesThink Progress)
  • GOP chairman slams SEC over Exxon investigation (The HillInsideClimate News)
  • This may be the only way to save the East Coast from drowning (Miami Herald)
  • Is New York ready for solar power? (New York Times $)
  • What you should know before going solar (New York Times $)
  • Technology designed to detect US energy pipeline leaks often fails (Reuters)
  • Offshore wind farms see promise in platforms that float (New York Times $)
  • First big climate change conference in Bend is next week (The Bulletin)
  • Alabama Power eyes future renewable energy projects (Al Alabama)
  • Wyoming’s 1st major coal mine in decades clears council (AP)
  • Heavy rains, floods swamp Mid-Atlantic (USA Today)
  • California enacts 4 new laws to promote energy storage (Greentech Media)
  • Would slowly watching trees drown make you acknowledge climate change? (Quartz)
  • How global warming is changing how we play outside (Outside Online)
  • The link between natural disasters and domestic abuse (The Atlantic)
  • Chesapeake facing DOJ probe of oil and gas asset valuation (Politico Pro $)
  • New York’s Clean Energy Standard could pad utility bills by $3.4B (Utility Dive)

World News

  • EU leaders seek to agree shortcut to launching Paris climate deal (Reuters)
  • Electric vehicles may get a boost from OPEC decision (Bloomberg)
  • Nobel Prize for Colombia peace deal or UN climate pact? (AP)
  • This is what climate change is doing to Iran (Vox)
  • Greenhouse gases from reservoirs fuel climate change (Climate Central)
  • More German coal plants face early retirement as profit dwindles (Bloomberg)
  • Disappearing ice means new ways of life for Arctic birds (Audobon Magazine)
  • Climate change is increasing the risk of war in Africa (Quartz)
  • A capital idea: China to introduce no-coal zones in cities around Beijing to tackle hazardous smog (South China Morning Post)
  • Coal electricity generation falls to record UK low this spring (Guardian)
  • Poland said to accelerate national ratification of Paris accord (Bloomberg)
  • World Bank is urging Vietnam to avoid coal (Climate Home)
  • India outlines conditions for Paris climate deal support (Climate Home)
  • Sea sponges likely to weather climate change: New Zealand study (XinhuaNet)
  • Canada needs a national price on carbon to meet emissions target: report (CBC News)
  • Aviation emissions targeted in New Zealand climate change plan (XinhuaNet)
  • Poll finds majority of Albertans disapprove of carbon tax, Climate Leadership Plan (CBC News)
  • Farm animals actually eat people’s leftovers — and it’s good for the planet (Huffington Post)
  • Commonwealth Bank: coal seam gas makes property ‘unacceptable’ as loan security (Guardian)
  • Longyuan leads declines as China eyes solar, wind price cuts (Bloomberg)
  • Chief scientist defends Climate Change Authority review against dissenters (Guardian)
  • High altitude ski resorts hit by low snowfall, finds Swiss report (Telegraph)
  • Betting the Farm: Farmers confront climate change (ABC Australia)

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