Mark Dalio


About Mark Dalio

Mark Dalio is the Founder and Creative Director of Alucia Productions, a production company with the mission to create world-class media that educates and inspires people to connect to the oceans.

His vision for this company is to use vivid cinematography and digital media to tell the compelling stories of scientific discoveries and exploration on the vessel, Alucia, as it moves around the world. His inspiration for this vision began in 2012, when Alucia documented the first ever footage of the Giant Squid. The images of this significant ocean discovery captured the attention of audiences around the world, which Mark felt fully demonstrated the ship’s unique power to capture ground breaking ocean media. Since founding Alucia Productions, Mark has featured the work of Alucia in the PBS’ Nova Special Creatures of Light, David Attenborough’s show Great Barrier Reef and BBC’s landmark series Oceans.