Janet Carrus


About Janet Carrus

As President of the Gerald and Janet Carrus Foundation Janet Carrus focuses on the global need of education and empowering indigenous peoples, cultivating an attitude of equality towards people with disabilities and supporting projects working towards a social and global engagement in altering the impact of climate change on the planet.

Janet Carrus is an entrepreneur and producer with interest and projects that span the globe, including a personal passion for Ballroom and Latin dance. Her belief that dance is a common denominator can be used in connecting people, regardless of age, gender or culture. It is the art that can encourage human expression, regardless of limitation. She has used her personal journey and experience of dance to inspire and Produce the feature film, Musical Chairs. The film has been influential in bringing awareness to issues of disability, gender and culture and promoting community programs teaching the art of wheelchair dance to both able and disables dances.

As in all the projects and interests of the Carrus Foundation, whether local, national or global, the emphasis in on inclusion and promoting a healthier society.