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People over Pipelines

Residents of Appalachia have been defending their communities from the construction of the dangerous and polluting Mountain Valley Pipeline for years. Now one of their local senators, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, is trying to fast-track the pipeline as part of a must-pass bill to fund the federal government. Watch how these residents turned activists have been forced to fight back.

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Justice for St. James: Fighting Polluting Industry in Cancer Alley

When an international corporation decided to drop a massive polluting factory in the middle of a historically black community, residents decided enough was enough. See how local resident and grandmother Sharon Lavigne is rallying the community to fight back. It's a people's story of resilience, remembrance, and reclamation.

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Native Renewables: Powering A Nation With The Sun

Indigenous families living on remote tribal land often can't access electricity. Native Renewables wants to fix this problem with solar. Follow us @nativerenewables and visit nativerenewables.org to learn more.

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Nothing Measured, Nothing Managed

Banks and financial institutions are promising to step up their game when it comes to the climate. But right now, there’s no way to tell if they’re responding to the crisis they helped create, despite the growing popularity of different a practice often called "Environmental, Social, and Governance" (ESG) criteria. Ivan Frishberg, Director of Impact Policy for Amalgamated Bank, and Marilyn Waite, who leads the climate finance work at the Hewlett Foundation explain why the industry needs to measure its portfolio emissions and create a reliable, transparent, standardized way of doing it. After financing so many fossil fuel projects, it MUST take responsibility. #YEARSproject

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How To Keep Tropical Forests Standing

Around the world, big agribusiness corporations are destroying rainforests to make way for monoculture cash crops. These ecosystems are critical in our fight against the climate crisis, and we can’t afford to lose them. Here’s how empowering Indigenous communities can help.

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Honor the Earth, Honor the Treaties: Stop Line 3

In Northern Minnesota, a massive tar sands pipeline is set to cross hundreds of bodies of water. It's threatening everything Honor The Earth founder Winona LaDuke and the Anishinaabe people hold sacred.

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Feuds with Disease-Fueling Food

There's a reason life expectancy in European countries is longer than in the United States...

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Divesting from Fossil Fuels, to Invest in Students' Future

To the outside world, Los Angeles is known for its picturesque beaches and sunny blue skies...

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Public Transit: Where We're Going and How We'll Get There

How many times have you heard someone say they “don’t want to go into the city?” Our transit system and the way we think about transportation, in general, is entirely backwards...

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Lending a Hand: how to best protect the future of the trees

Trees. They might be the first image that pops into mind when picturing Mother Earth...

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"Green" By Example

“Green by example,” read billboards across Sharm El Sheikh, as thousands descended on Egypt for COP27...

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Lessons of Sustainability from Onondaga Land Back

Recently in an historic deal, the State of New York returned over 1,000 acres of ancestral land in the Tully Valley to the Onondaga Nation...

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Wicked Water Problems: A Look Into the Injustices of Bottled Water

Millions of people in America drink unsafe, contaminated water due to drinking water systems consistently failing to achieve state and federal safety standards...

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How We Can Reconnect and Regenerate Our Failing Food Systems

The Texas sun beats down on my backyard in the summer, and nothing grows better in that dry heat than habaneros and jalapeños...

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How Can the U.S. Assist the Homeless Amid Climate Change?

Open up the New York Times, and you're bound to find some coverage on the American West's water crisis, paved by a climate change-induced drought boiling since the turn of the 21st century...

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Lessons From Big, Biodiverse Cities

I’ve spent half my life in Tucson, Ariz., where javelinas graze on spiny cacti in people’s front yards, lizards climb speckled yellow trees, and rabbits seek cover in brittlebush, out of sight—but not out of smell—from coyotes...

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Going Blue, Feeling Green: Blue Zones and their Interconnectedness to the Environment

As environmentalists, we often strive to be as green as possible. But what if we went blue? The five original Blue Zones are in Italy, Costa Rica, Greece, Japan, and California...

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How to Recycle a City: a Case Study of Austin, TX

Austin, Texas — the sprawling, new-age boom town with a distinctive eclectic flair — has earned the reputation as a city full of opportunity for young, ambitious creatives...

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Fighting for the Sacred Place Where Life Began

In a humble village nestled into the eastern tip of Alaska, filled with pristine coniferous forests, vast arctic tundras, and untouched barren grounds, lives an independent seven-thousand-membered tribe whose fundamental spirit and life honor Mother Earth...

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It’s no secret that meat production, specifically the cattle industry, contributes to climate change...

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In an increasingly digital age, it’s easier than ever to have all the information you could possibly need in the palm of your hand...

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The first time I encountered a spotted lanternfly was at the Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown, PA, in 2018...

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The response to Hurricane Katrina was a complete and utter failure on part of local and federal government...

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Widely known as “America’s best idea,” national parks offer a chance to experience the pristine American continent as it was before European contact, an uninhabited natural landscape “unspoiled” by human activity...

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Latest news

Mercury Poisoning and Corporate Misdeeds in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

I came into this world in 2001 as the child of Indian Tamil immigrants in Ontario, Canada...

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The Garden of Eden

As college students everything in the world is moving fast and constantly changing, much like our climate...

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Why environmentalists must make more space for BIPOC, and how we should do it

“In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist...

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Right here, right now: How climate change impacts us today

Climate change is no longer a distant threat. We are living with the reality of it, right here and right now...

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Climate refugees

On YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY, we’re dedicated to telling the stories of the millions of people who may be displaced by the environmental disasters brought on by climate change...

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Play climate action bingo

We can all individually help fight climate change by implementing small adjustments to our lifestyle...

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The climate crisis in Bangladesh

Many countries are at risk to the catastrophic effects of climate change, but Bangladesh has been facing the worst effects for years...

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How climate change is hitting India

India’s energy future could tip the scales of global climate change, but the extreme weather is already here...

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Are crystals sustainable?

Before their healing value gained mainstream popularity and celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow preached their unique ability to ‘remove negative energy’ from a space, crystals were used in indigenous practices...

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