Volunteer to Lobby for the Climate

Learn more about Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a group that’s working towards a bipartisan climate solution.

Big oil, the coal industry, and other climate polluters all have well-paid lobbyists who shell out millions of dollars to protect their interests. So who’s lobbying the government to take climate action?

One group is Citizens’ Climate Lobby. They have chapters of volunteers all across the United States advocating for a bipartisan solution to climate change. They champion a policy called Fee and Dividend, which puts a national price on carbon pollution (the fee), and returns all money to citizens (the dividend). They have members of all ages and backgrounds, and their groups offer many ways to support their work.

Want to know more about about Citizens’ Climate Lobby before signing up? Consider watching the Years Of Living Dangerously story about their work with Congress, starring The West Wing’s Bradley Whitford.