Tell Zinke: Don’t Shrink America’s Monuments

Contact the Department of the Interior and ask them not to shrink any national monuments.

Last week, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke advised President Trump to not eliminate any national monuments. However, he did call for a “handful” of them to be shrunk, including Bear Ears National Monument. Although Zinke didn’t explain how the new borders might be drawn, we do know that Trump has been in favor of opening up national monuments to drilling, logging, and cattle ranching—all activities that would be bad for the climate.

We know that Americans don’t want to lose any national monuments. In fact, over 99 percent of the opinions submitted during the public comment period opposed the review. This week, you can take action by contacting the Department of the Interior and letting them know you’re disappointed by this recommendation. You can call (202) 208-3100 or email

Your message can be something like this:
“Hello, I’m [calling/writing] to express my disappointment and concern about Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s recommendations to shrink some of our national monuments. Changing the protection status of these areas could lead to their permanent destruction for the short-term gains of the mining, drilling and logging industries. I hope that you will pass this message along to Secretary Zinke and also take whatever actions you can as a public servant employed by the Department of the Interior to protect these priceless public lands for future generations. Thank you.”