Tell The EPA: Now Is Not The Time For Rollbacks

We need a massive outcry about the EPA's rollback of clean car standards and other pollution rules.

Amidst the chaos of the coronavirus crisis, the Environmental Protection Agency is undermining rules that are in place to protect public health. Under President Trump’s direction, the EPA has rolled back clean car standards, and cut down on enforcement of key anti-pollution regulations. Studies have shown that exposure to pollution worsens health outcomes from COVID-19, and increases premature deaths from other illnesses.

We need a massive outcry against these maneuvers now. Act on climate by contacting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler and demand an end to this rollback of protections. Consider calling, tweeting, writing or doing all three! 

Call: 202-564-4700 

Sample Call Message: “Hello, I’m a voter calling from [YOUR STATE], and I’d like to urge EPA Administrator Wheeler to end the rollback on clean car standards, and to stop relaxing rules regarding air pollution monitoring and reporting.” 

Sample Tweet: “@EPAAWheeler Now is not the time to relax pollution monitoring, reporting requirements or clean car standards. Clean air and water are still critically important during a public health crisis.”

You can find a sample letter to Wheeler at the button below, care of the NRDC, and remember it’s best to personalize your letter.