Tell the EPA: Keep, Don’t Drop, the Current Clean Car Standards

Submit a public comment to the Environmental Protection Agency urging them to not freeze clean car rules.

Earlier this month, the Environmental Protection Agency unveiled a plan to roll back emissions standards for new cars. The rule change would freeze the average fuel efficiency standards at about 37 miles per gallon starting in 2021. This change would not only cost Americans more at the gas pump, but would also create billions more in costs by accelerating climate change and slowing clean car innovation.

This week, take action about this rule change by submitting a public comment to the EPA. It’s always best to make your comment as personal as possible, but if you need some help, here’s a sample to inspire you:

I am strongly opposed to this rule change, which will cause an increase in pollution from vehicles and cost Americans like me at the gas pump. The existing average fuel efficiency standards for the model years 2022 through 2026 were achievable and sensible. Rolling back these rules would be a step in the wrong direction, and would not result in better safety or health outcomes. The EPA’s own staff dispute your methodology and your conclusions, as they are not supportable by evidence.

You can also help fight the rollback by writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Get some great talking points from the Union of Concerned Scientists at the button below. You can also check out their sample comment here