Tell Your Rep to Vote “NO” on the EPA Overreach Act

Call your member of the House of Representatives.

Make the call

A whole batch of bills aiming to gut or kill the Environmental Protection Agency has been introduced to the House of Representatives. There’s the one that would kill the agency altogether, and then there’s the bill that would close regional EPA offices, eliminate funding to fight climate change, and eliminate EPA grant programs.

But perhaps the scariest bill of all is the so-called “Stopping the EPA Overreach Act,” or H.R.637. It would amend the Clear Air Act, specifically targeting the EPA’s work to curb climate change. So, why is it the scariest bill of them all? Because it has 120 co-sponsors. That’s 120 members of the House of Representatives who already endorse the bill.

So, please call your rep in the House and tell him or her you don’t approve of this bill. You can say something like this:
“Hi, I’m calling to express my concern about H.R.637, or the so-called the Stopping the EPA Overreach Act. This bill will hurt all Americans by preventing the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating air pollution. Also, by standing in the way of climate change solutions, this bill will condemn future generations to a world that is less healthy and less stable. That is why I want to urge [REPRESENTATIVE’S NAME] to vote against H.R.637.”