Tell Gary Palmer What You Think of His Bill

Ask Representative Palmer to withdraw H.R. 637.

Contact Rep. Palmer

Yesterday, we asked you to call your member of the House of Representatives, to urge him or her to vote “NO” on the “Stopping EPA Overreach Act,” a dangerous bill that already has too much support.

Today’s Daily Action is to contact Rep. Gary Palmer, the man who introduced H.R 637, and let him know what you think of the bill.

Here are the numbers to his offices:
205 968 1290
205 280 6846
205 274 2136
202 225 4921

You can say something like this:
“I am calling to express my concerns about the so-called Stopping EPA Overreach Act, H.R. 637. If passed, this bill would be harmful to all Americans. H.R. 637 hamstrings the Environmental Protection Agency’s important work of protecting clean air and clean waters. Furthermore, by getting in the way of the effort to stop climate change, this bill is condemning future generations to live in a world that’s less healthy, less stable, and less safe. Representative Palmer should withdraw this bill.”  

Or you can tweet at him, which will help spread the word about this harmful bill. You can tweet something like this:
Bill H.R.637 AKA the “Stopping EPA Overreach Act” threatens public health. @USRepGaryPalmer should withdraw it