Tell the EPA to Address Climate Change

Leave a public comment asking the Environmental Protection Agency to include climate change in its four-year plan.

The Environmental Protection Agency recently released a draft of its four-year strategic plan, which covers 2018 to 2022. Considering Scott Pruitt’s efforts to scrub all mention of climate change from the EPA’s website, combined with his demand that other EPA staffers not discuss the topic, it’s no surprise that the four-year plan doesn’t bring up climate change either. The document also doesn’t mention “global warming” or “greenhouse gasses.”

We can’t let that kind of omission go unnoticed. The EPA is accepting comments from the public on the draft of the plan, so this week you can take action by reminding them that climate change is one of the biggest environmental threats the U.S. faces and the EPA should make addressing it a top priority.

You can write something like this:
“The four year plan laid out in this document does not address the threat of greenhouse gas pollution, or the dangers of climate change. This is a serious omission that should be addressed. Climate change is one of the biggest environmental issues facing the United States, and the Environmental Protection Agency should take robust action over the next four years to decrease emissions and protect carbon sinks like forests and wetlands.”

It’s also good to add something personal to your comment, like where you’re from or how climate change is impacting you, your family, or your community.