Tell Congress: No Bailouts For Fossil Fuels

The Trump administration is pushing for sweetheart deals for dirty energy. We need to push back.

Last week, the Federal Reserve changed key rules that now allow fossil fuel companies to qualify for aid money, a move that will do nothing to help laid off workers. Companies that were struggling even before the current coronavirus crisis can now get a government handout to pay off old debts. 

We need to push both the Federal Reserve and Congress to put people over polluters. First, you can call Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and ask him to give aid directly to workers and families, not to oil companies.

Second, you can ask your elected official in Congress to oppose bailout money going to big polluters. Urge them to pass the REWIND Act, which would block fossil fuel companies from getting money from the stimulus package. You can sign the Greenpeace petition below or call their offices directly.