Tell Congress: Help People, Not Polluters

Ask your elected officials to provide aid for vulnerable individuals, big oil and gas firms.

Members of Congress are crafting a massive stimulus package to help address the dire economic impacts of efforts to contain the coronavirus. Many of the details about the bill are still up in the air, but many lawmakers are concerned that the Trump Administration may seek to use the package to bail out the oil and gas industry

Propping up these polluters would do little to help the people who are being hit the hardest by the virus, institutional closures or layoffs. This week, act on climate by calling your House Representative and Senators and ask them to pass an aid package that prioritizes vulnerable people, not oil and gas producers who were already financially unstable before this crisis began. 

The YEARS Team also wants to acknowledge that at this stressful time, it may be difficult to take climate action. That’s OK too. The most important thing every activist can do right now is care for themselves and those nearby while safely practicing social distancing. If you could use some guidance,  consider this advice for managing anxiety