Tell Automakers to Stop Lobbying Against Clean Air

Let them know we can't keep driving towards denial, even as the EPA rolls back emissions standards.

Driving Towards Denial

As the Trump administration plans to roll back fuel efficiency standards that would both fight climate change and protect Americans’ health, where do the automakers stand?

When the standards were developed in 2012, 13 major car makers all endorsed the new rules. But now, they’re quietly fueling the effort to roll the rules back, under the cover of a trade association who lobbies on their behalf. In fact, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers has even publicly questioned the well-established science that shows how tailpipe emissions harm human health.  

This week, you can act on climate by letting both your elected officials and car manufacturers know that rolling back efficiency standards is bad for everyone. The Union of Concerned Scientists has easy-to-use tools to help you do both; find them at the buttons below. Just keep in mind that it’s aways best to personalize your message. 

Photo: David Wilson