TELL Alaska Senators to Withdraw Their Bill

Protect the Arctic from offshore drilling.

TELL Alaska Senators to Withdraw Their Bill

Alaska Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan have introduced a bill that would strip away environmental protections and permit off-shore drilling in the Arctic.

The bill, called the OPENS Alaska Act of 2017 in a press release, would require a minimum of at least three drilling lease sales in each of three areas: the Beaufort sea, the Chukchi sea and Cook Inlet. Drilling for offshore oil in these areas could result in billions of extra barrels of oil and gas being burned—oil and gas that needs to stay in the ground if we want to avoid extreme climate disasters.

Furthermore, this drilling will disrupt the local environment, harm wildlife and increase the risk of offshore spills.

So, let’s make some noise and let Murkowski and Sullivan know we don’t like what they’re doing. Here are their office numbers:

Lisa Murkowski
(907) 271 3735
(907) 456 0233

Dan Sullivan
(907) 586-7277
(907) 271-5915

You can say something like this:
“Hello, I’m calling to request that [SENATOR’S NAME] withdraw the OPENS Alaska Act. This bill would be harmful to Alaskans, as well as all Americans by extracting outdated and polluting fuels that cause climate change. These fossil fuels should be kept in the ground. Alaska should be working towards a clean energy future.”  

You can also tweet something like this at them, which will help spread the word:
The OPENS Alaska Act is a request for more climate disasters. @lisamurkowski and @SenDanSullivan should withdraw it.