Talk to Someone Who Isn’t Sure About Climate Change

How can we reach people who don’t believe in climate change? By talking to them.

Start a conversation

Yesterday, we shared a set of resources that are helpful for having conversations with people who aren’t sure about climate change. Today, we’re asking you to have one of those conversations.

Start a conversation about climate change with someone who isn’t so sure about it. You could talk with someone you know doesn’t believe in climate change, or maybe someone whose position on climate change you just don’t know. Try to bring up something you both have in common, like your love for a natural place you both know, how much you care about your kids’ health, or even something like how much you love coffee or chocolate (yes, those are things threatened by climate change).

Research shows that when it comes to climate change denial, people tend to choose media sources that reinforce their worldview. So, it’s OK if you don’t convince someone in one conversation, but sharing a new viewpoint is the important part.