Support State Carbon Pricing (Part 5)

How states like Vermont can fight climate change.

Make Art to Support a Price on Carbon in Vermont

As the Federal government starts going backwards on climate change, it’s critical that state legislatures keep pushing forwards. That’s why we’ve been highlighting state-level policies that can help solve climate change.

Today, we turn to Vermont. Vermont is currently considering a bill to put a price on carbon, one of the biggest solutions to climate change. It’s Saturday, so this Daily Action is a craft project.

Our partner, Our Climate, is organizing a big art project to show support for carbon pricing, which will be unveiled at the state capital during Youth Lobby Day on April 12th. The art installation is called #MapleMosaic and it will be made up of cardboard tiles from all the different people and groups that support a price on carbon. You can contribute a tile to show your support—get more details here.

If you live in Vermont, be sure to let your representative in the state government know you support a price on carbon too! Find their contact information here.

You can write or say something like this:
“I’m [writing/calling] to express my support of a carbon price for Vermont. By putting a price on carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions, we’ll be help solve local pollution problems and climate change at the same. Plus, putting a price on carbon can help transition Vermont to a clean energy economy sooner and create new jobs.” 

If you’re not in Vermont and you haven’t signed up already, be sure to sign up at We’ll let you know when there’s carbon pricing action in your area.