Support State Carbon Pricing (Part 4)

How states like Washington can fight climate change.

How states like Washington can fight climate change

This week, we’re focusing Daily Actions on different state-level initiatives to put a price on carbon, which is one of the biggest solutions to climate change. Today, we’re looking at Washington State, where the state legislature is considering three different carbon pricing bills.

If you live in Washington State, there are a couple of things you can do. First, you can let your representatives in the state legislature know that you support climate action and a price on carbon. Find your representative here.

Second, you can leave a comment on the bills. Here are the links to the bills:
SB 5127 / HB 1555
SB 5385
HB 1646 / SB 5509

For everyone outside of Washington State, be sure to sign up at to get updates on carbon pricing action in your area!