Support State Carbon Pricing (Part 3)

How states like Massachusetts can fight climate change.

How states like Massachusetts can fight climate change

This week, we’re sharing the different ways states can help fight for climate change action. So far, we’ve covered New York State and Oregon. Today, we want to tell you about how Massachusetts could put a price on carbon pollution. The state has often been a leader in innovative policies, and could be again with one of the several bills that would put a price on carbon.

If you live in Massachusetts, now is the time to show your support for carbon pricing. First, sign the Petition to Governor Baker, asking him to back the policy. Next, contact your representatives in the Massachusetts legislature and let them know you’re in favor of a price on carbon!

You can write or say something like this:
“Hello, I’m [calling/writing] to express my strong support for a price on carbon to help combat local pollution and global climate change. An analysis from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources demonstrated that carbon pricing has the potential to deliver the largest carbon pollution reduction of any policy while at the same time increasing local job creation.”

If you don’t live in Massachusetts, then sign up at, and we’ll let you know when there is carbon pricing action in your area!