Support State Carbon Pricing (Part 2)

How states like Oregon can fight climate change.

How states like Oregon can fight climate change

Yesterday’s daily action highlighted how New York State could fight climate change by putting a price on carbon. Today, we’re talking about a different state: Oregon. Climate action at the federal level seems to be moving backwards, so now is the time for states to step up their ambitions.

Right now, the Oregon state legislature is considering two bills that we support to put a price on carbon: SB 557 and SB 748. If you live in Oregon, there are two ways you can help these bills. First, let your state representative know that you support a price on carbon by writing or calling. You can contact your reps here, or at the button below.

You can say or write something like this:
“I’m [writing/calling] in support of SB 557 and SB 748 as comprehensive approaches to mitigate climate change by putting a price on pollution. Both bills have the power to simultaneously decrease demand for fossil fuels and spur an economy-wide transition to clean energy. I am optimistic that 2017 will be the year Oregon demonstrates real leadership and passes comprehensive legislation to address climate change.”

Second, consider joining a climate action lobby day at the Oregon State Capitol on March 23. More info here.

If you don’t live in Oregon, then sign up at, and we’ll let you know when there is carbon pricing action in your area!