Support State Carbon Pricing: Part 1

Learn how states like New York can fight climate change.

How states like New York can fight climate change.

Although efforts to combat climate change are taking many steps backwards at the federal level, many states are moving forward and taking up the challenge. Some are even working to put a price on carbon pollution—which we consider to be the single most effective action in the fight against climate change. Over the next few days, we’ll be telling you about what’s happening in different states around the U.S.

Right now, the New York State legislature is considering two bills that could put a price on carbon pollution. With its big population size, New York is among the top 10 states for total greenhouse gas emissions. So steps to curb New York’s emissions would be a win for everyone.

You can read the bills and track their progress at the links below:

Assembly Bill A107 / Senate Bill S2846

Assembly Bill A3967

If you live in New York State: Vote “AYE” in favor of state-level carbon pricing!

If you live somewhere else: Sign up at and we’ll tell you when there’s action in your area!