Support Environmental Defenders In Latin American And The Caribbean

Sign a letter urging governmental leaders to ratify the Escazú Agreement.

The Escazú Agreement is an international treaty designed to protect human rights and the environment in Latin America and the Caribbean. It guarantees the public’s right to information about projects that impact the environment, and supports the rights of environmental defenders. This is particularly important for Indigenous communities that are threatened by extractive industries like fossil fuels. The agreement has been signed by 22 countries, but it needs to be ratified by these governments to go into effect. 

This week, you can help by signing the letter below. It was drafted by the youth climate coalition Fridays For Future and urges governments that still need to ratify the Escazú Agreement to take action. You can also participate in a number of additional digital actions, which can be found here. When following the link below, you will be prompted to click through the letter in Spanish and Portuguese before arriving at the English version.