Support The 100 By ’50 Act

Ask your Senators to support the bill to transition away from fossil fuels by 2050.

100 by ’50 Act

Ahead of the People’s Climate March this past Saturday, Senators Bernie Sanders, Jeff Markey and Cory Booker introduced a robust bill to address climate change.

As the title “100 by ’50 Act” suggests, this bill—S. 987—lays out a roadmap to transition the U.S. 100 percent off fossil fuels by 2050. That means ending new fossil fuel infrastructure like pipelines and requiring utilities to switch to renewable energy. The bill would also make big investments in clean transportation, help workers currently employed in the fossil fuel industry to find new jobs, and impose a carbon duty on pollution-intensive products imported from other countries.

We know this bill is a long shot in the current political climate in Congress. Nonetheless, it’s important that your representatives in the Senate know you support urgent climate action. So, call them today and let them know this is the kind of leadership we need.

When you call, you can say something as simple as this:
“Hello, I’m calling to urge [SENATOR’S NAME] to support the 100 by ’50 Act. We need to phase out fossil fuels now to avoid disasters brought on by climate change.”