Stop Seismic Blast Testing

We don’t need more oil, and we don’t need more destructive testing to find it.

Stop H.R. 3133

Researchers determined that if we want to avoid the very worst impacts of climate change, we can only use a fraction of all the known fossil fuel reserves. That’s the idea behind the rallying cry to “keep it in the ground.”

But right now, the Trump administration is pushing a bill (H.R. 3133) that would make it easier for the industry to go looking for new sources of oil and gas, using a technique called seismic blasting. Finding more fossil fuel would not only be bad for climate change, but seismic blasting is also bad for wildlife, which in turn is bad for coastal economies that depend on wildlife for things like fishing and whale-watching.

So this week, act on climate by asking your member of the House of Representatives and ask him or her to oppose this bill. The “WRITE” button below has some suggested talking points, courtesy of Greenpeace. The “CALL” button will take you to the directory of Representatives.

Photo: Flickr user Marshmallow