Stop This Public Lands Giveaway

Tell your Senator to say “NO” to this bill.

Today’s Daily Action is a little wonky, but it’s important.

The fossil fuel industry, along with other big mining and logging corporations, want to make it way easier to exploit public lands. How? By taking away the public commenting process that allows Americans to weigh in on land management plans. According to a Bureau of Land Management rule, the public must have the opportunity to comment on decisions about drilling, mining and logging on public lands at public meetings and through written comments. But the oil industry doesn’t want to hear your voice, and it doesn’t want the government to listen either.

The House of Representatives has already voted to kill this rule, with bill H.J. Res. 44. Now it’s up to the Senate. Please call your senators today and ask them to vote NO on the House’s Joint Resolution 44.

When you call, you can say something like this:
“I’m calling to ask that [SENATOR’S NAME] oppose House Joint Resolution 44, which would take away the public’s opportunity to express their opinions about management plans for public lands. I think it’s vital that the public have ample opportunity to comment on Federal Land management planning in order to ensure that these lands are used in everyone’s best interests.”