Spread the Word About the Methane Rules Repeal

Part 2: Amplify the message.

Spread the word

The U.S. House of Representatives and the Donald Trump have both taken steps to get rid of rules that reduce waste and pollution from methane production. The last step to overturn these rules, issued by the Bureau of Land Management, is a vote from the Senate.

Previously, we asked you to call or write your senators. Today’s action is to amplify that same message. Of course, the easiest way to do that is to share the action on social media, using the handy “Share This Action” button on the bottom of every Daily Action page.

If you use Twitter, another way to amplify the message is to Tweet at your senators. Here’s a sample tweet: “I think [YOUR SENATOR’ TWITTER] should vote against the overturn of the Bureau of Land Management’s limits on methane waste and pollution.” 

But the BEST way to amplify the message is to send this link  (http://theyearsproject.com/action/stop-methane-regulations-repeal/) to 5 people you know who care about climate change. Ask them to call their senators too. If they’re excited about it, you can think of this group as your own rapid response team and keep them in the know about the future climate change actions you take.