Spread the Word to Block Pruitt

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Stop Pruitt: Part 3

Here are 5 reasons why Scott Pruitt isn’t the right person to head the Environmental Protection Agency:

  1. In his Senate committee hearing, Pruitt made it clear he thinks the fact that climate change is caused by humans is up for debate. It’s not.
  2. Pruitt doesn’t believe that pollution from greenhouse gases endangers the public. In 2012, he sued the EPA in an effort to prove it, but the court saw through his flimsy case. If he becomes the head of the EPA, he would likely overrule efforts to regulate these pollutants from the inside.
  3. During his Senate committee hearing, Pruitt could not cite any actions he took to protect the environment as Attorney General of Oklahoma.
  4. Pruitt isn’t open about his relationships with big polluters. As Attorney General of Oklahoma, he has withheld public documents about his dealings with big polluters. That’s why he’s being sued—to force him to comply with the law and release information about how he deals with polluters like fossil fuel companies.
  5. In 13 out of 14 lawsuits, Pruitt took the side of big polluters and fought efforts to protect public health.

Today, we’re asking you to help spread the word about how unfit Scott Pruitt is to lead the EPA. So please, share this action and ask your friends or family members to join you in calling your representatives in the Senate.