Sign Up To Be A Part Of The 50th Earth Day

The theme of Earth Day 2020 is climate action.

**UPDATE: Due to concerns about Covid19, in-person actions will not be happening during Earth Week 2020. Instead, digital actions are being planned for April 23. Be sure to subscribe to Weekly Action emails for updates.**

Fifty years after the first Earth Day, we need a day of action for our planet more than ever. This year’s theme is Climate Action, and there will be three days of climate strikes across the U.S. starting on April 22. 

On Earth Day itself, April 22, events will focus on connecting with nature, honoring history and listening to Indigenous wisdom. Many U.S. students are organizing Fridays For Future walk-outs.  

On April 23, the focus will turn to actions–with voter registration drives and divestment actions at banks and college campuses all across the country.

On Friday, April 24, there’s a call for a global massive strike. Students will continue their Fridays for Future school strikes, while adult allies are encouraged to take to the streets or show solidarity however possible. 

There’s less than 100 days until Earth Day. This week, we hope you’ll look for local events, or consider planning your own event. There are many avenues to get involved, learn more at the button below.