Show Your Stripes

Raise awareness about climate change with this temperature graphic.

Warming Stripes are a simple visual representation of global warming: each bar’s color represents the average temperature for a year. Created by climate scientist Ed Hawkings, the graphic above shows the global average temperatures from 1850 to 2018 using data from UK Met Office. Blue stripes represent cooler years, while red represents hotter years. As time progresses from left to right, you can clearly see the trend.

You can also find a downloadable version of the stripes for different countries and U.S. states at Show Your Stripes. Help spread awareness by downloading the stripes for the place where you live and sharing them on social media. You can even make the stripes your banner image on Twitter or Facebook.

The Warming Stripes have also been put to use by a group of meteorologists who all wore the graphic as a tie, jewelry or other items on the Summer Solstice. You can go a step further by encouraging your local news meteorologists and weathercasters to include more information about climate change in their reports and to sign up for Climate Matters resources to help them.