Share a Personal Story with a Climate Change Denier

Personal stories are the ones that touch people the most.

Share How Climate Change Touches You

The past few Daily Actions have been dedicated to talking to people who aren’t so sure about climate change. Today, we’re continuing the theme, by asking everyone to share a personal story with a climate change denier.

Maybe it’s the same person you spoke with yesterday, maybe it’s someone new. Tell them why climate change worries you, how it affects your life, or how it you think it will affect your life in the future. Here at Years of Living Dangerously, we’ve learned that personal stories are the ones that touch people the most.

A funny thing about climate change denial is that you might not know anyone who fits the bill. That’s OK! Climate change denial is actually LESS COMMON than most people think, even in the U.S. Unfortunately, there are still lots of climate change deniers in high places. So, if you don’t know any climate change deniers personally, then consider sharing your personal climate change story with Scott Pruitt, the current head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Here’s his office number: 202-564-4700