Send a Climate Classroom curriculum to an educator in your life.

Climate Classroom

Earlier this year, a group that funds climate change denial sent over 200,000 science teachers lesson plans containing false and misleading information about the human causes of global warming.

Teaching children that humans aren’t causing climate change is a particularly insidious tactic, but fortunately we have just the tool to counteract it. Years of Living Dangerously and the Nation Wildlife Federation have partnered to create Climate Classroom, a multimedia learning experience. For middle and high schools, Climate Classroom offers a number of different curriculum and lesson plans. For college and university students, we offer case studies and screening opportunities.

This week, share a climate curriculum with an educator in your life. If you have children or grandchildren, consider sending a link to their science teacher or principal. If you don’t have kids, you can share the links with a science educator at a school you attended. And if you’re currently a student, share it with your teacher!

Middle School Curriculum

High School Curriculum

Colleges – Case Studies and Screen Opportunities