Say No to More Offshore Drilling in the U.S.

Leave a public comment for the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management by August 17.

No More Drilling

President Trump is trying to open up the coastal waters of the U.S. for new oil drilling. But if we want to prevent catastrophic climate change, we need to keep that oil in the ground–and speed up the transition to zero-carbon energy instead.

This week, take action by writing a letter to Kelly Hammerle, the National Program Manager of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, asking her to not allow new leases for offshore drilling. There are three ways you can submit your public comment:

  1. Mail a letter to: Ms. Kelly Hammerle, National Program Manager, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management; 45600 Woodland Road-VAM-LD; Sterling, Virginia 20166.
  2. Go to the link on, click the “Comment Now!” button and fill out the form.
  3. Use the the form letter at the button below, created by Greenpeace.

Photo: Tom Jervis