Protect Your Right To Speak Out

Submit a public comment in favor of protecting the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

When the government wants to build any major fossil fuel project, the National Environmental Policy Act (also known as NEPA) is supposed to give you a say. Now, the White House wants to weaken that policy and silence your voice.

However, the rule change is still subject to a period of public comment. This week, take action by submitting a public comment at the button below. The best public comments are unique and personal, but here’s a sample comment to help you get started. 

Dear Members of the Council on Environmental Quality, 

I’m opposed to any rollbacks or other measures that weaken the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This proposal would increase risks to the public by allowing more pollution with no consideration of most impacts to climate change or accounting for cumulative impacts. I’m very concerned about climate change, which is currently not being addressed fast enough. 

Additionally, polluters should not be permitted to pick their own contractors to do environmental assessments. Environmental assessments should be done only by federal agencies or third-party contractors who do not have any conflicts of interest.

I am strongly opposed to the Council of Environmental Quality’s proposed rule change as well as any other changes to NEPA’s implementing procedures that would in any way restrict public input, limit consideration of project alternatives, or narrow or eliminate federal agencies’ obligations to consider a project’s climate impacts.