Submit a public comment to the Secretary of the Interior, asking him not to overturn any National Monuments.

Last month, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke put 21 national monuments under review following an executive order from Trump. There is a 60-day comment period open to the public to consider these monuments. Zinke said that comments from communities is an important part of the land management process.

Although the secretary said there is “no pre-determined outcome on any monument,” it is possible that the public comments could be used as justification for overturning the protected status of national monuments in Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, and even Marine National Monuments like the Marianas Trench. Opening up these lands and marine areas makes them vulnerable to development, deforestation and even possibly fossil fuel extraction—all things that contribute to climate change.

This week, take action by submitting a public comment, asking Secretary Zinke not to overturn any monuments.

You can submit your comment by going to and searching “DOI-2017-0002.”

You can also mail comments to:
Monument Review
MS-1530, U.S. Department of Interior
1849 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20240