Plant Trees

By planting, donating or volunteering—you can help stop climate change by nurturing nature.

Trees are one of our most important allies in the fight against climate change. According to one estimate, global forests sequester about 4 billion tons of carbon every year. And in urban areas, trees have been shown to help lower air pollution and moderate the temperature.

This week, you can take action by supporting tree planting or reforestation initiatives. Consider volunteering for a local tree planting project, or check out the opportunities with the Arbor Day Foundation. Or if getting down in the soil isn’t your thing, consider making a donation. American Forests is another organization working to restore forests in the United States. Eden Reforestation Projects works on reforestation projects and fights poverty in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti and Ethiopia.

If you want to plant a tree on your own property, check out this handy guide to make sure you’re putting the right tree in the right place.