Organize For The Climate Strike

Make posters, invite your friends and get ready for the International Climate Strike.


A massive grass-roots climate strike is coming together. These strikes started as a student movement, but now people of all ages will be out in the streets. Climate action groups around the world like Greta Thunberg’s Fridays For Future, Extinction Rebellion, and Sunrise Movement are bringing their support to this historic global event on September 20. 

Do you have a plan to join? Now is the time to make one.

This week, be sure to connect with your local strike.  Or if there’s not one nearby, consider organizing your own. If you have time to volunteer, see if your local event has any organizing needs. It’s also time to make posters, invite friends and co-workers to join or ask for your employer’s support

If you can’t strike in person, you can still lend your support by sharing the message online, donating and encouraging others to go.