No More Cuts to the EPA

Tell your senators: Don’t cut the Environmental Protection Agency’s funding.

Congress has a big deadline on Friday: pass the budget, kick the budget decision forward a few weeks, or face a government shutdown.

So, it’s the perfect time to remind your senators not to allow further cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency’s funding. Right now, the House fiscal 2018 Appropriations bill cuts $656 million from the EPA’s budget, and includes money that pays the salaries of critical EPA scientists and toxicologists. These are the people who keep us and our families safe from air and water pollution every day. If the EPA can’t combat air pollution, it not only harms our health, but also sets back our ability to fight climate change.

This week, take action by asking your senators not to trade away the EPA’s budget in a bid to avoid a government shutdown. You can also sign the petition below, which is backed by Climate Hawks Vote and Friends of the Earth, asking Democratic Senators to filibuster any cuts to the EPA.

Photo: Lorie Shaull