Learn More About Smart Thermostats

Find out if one of these energy-saving devices is right for you.

In the typical home in the U.S., heating and cooling accounts for nearly half of energy use. So, finding a way to cut that down not only saves you money, but can also cut your carbon footprint.

One strategy for reducing the energy demands associated with keeping your home the right temperature is to invest in a smart thermostat. These devices allow you to control your air conditioning or heating system remotely, and can also learn your habits and needs. Most importantly, they can shut off energy-intensive devises when they’re not needed. And with the money you’ll be saving on your energy bills, many smart thermostats pay for themselves within a few years.

To learn about the different options on the market, we recommend the reviews from The Wirecutter at the button below. They tested nine different options to come up with their recommendations.